Advertising Sales

Advertising Sales

Turnkey publishing isn’t turnkey unless your partner can provide in-house advertising services.

Today Media Custom Communications does. Many others don’t. Or some say they do – and then try to locate sales support once they’ve won your business.

Our veteran, full-time sales staff can help generate ad revenue that will defray the cost of your print or online project.

We’ve also sold directories, sponsorships and place-based media for customers.

If your project requires ad sales support, we’re ready to start selling on day one.

Our sales services include:

  • Rate-setting for print, online, sponsorships, place-based opportunities
  • Sales materials/rate cards
  • Prospect identification/sales database development
  • Sales contacts and presentations
  • E-marketing
  • Ad copy writing, design and production
  • Ad materials trafficking and archiving
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Royalty/revenue-share reporting